Friday, January 16, 2015

Mama took my doll!

We battled sickness this week so I had to take the girl's dolls & clean them. Emily was less than enthused. She told her sisters rather grumpily,  "Mama TOOK my doll!" Elizabeth & Abigail tried to cheer her up by making paper dolls. Not quite the same thing but I loved their creativity and eagerness to make their little sister feel better. :)

She took her new doll to quiet time, so it must have been a bit consoling:

I've been finding bits of paper, crayons & markers all over the house but that's okay. (The scissors all over the house was NOT okay. We talked about that!) They've made quite a collection. In fact, I'm counting this as art this week! ;)


Raymond Harris said...

So sweet for sisters to comfort their Emily. To not have her best friend, for her was such a upsetting things. Has her baby return? lv Nanny

Anita said...

This is the sweetest things.. How cute of her sisters to help make her feel better.

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Tully Family said...

Not yet but soon. :)