Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Glasses & Ice!

Last night, we were hit with an ice storm. We lost power for 1.5 hours & after it came back on, went to bed. We awoke at 3:30AM with no power again. It came back on a little after 11. Yahoo! It's been a reminder to stop & thank God for those "ordinary" things. The beauty of the ice on the trees has been breathtaking. I snapped a few pictures (funny how a little sun changes the look of the pictures, huh?):

Thankfully, the roads have been clear & we were able to pick up Benjamin's new glasses. I think he looks so handsome. :) Which do you prefer- b&w or color? 


dawn said...


Tully Family said...

Thanks, Dawn! It's been fun to see what people are drawn too. I prefer b&w photography but it's not for everyone (or the right choice for every image).

Hope you all are warm & snug up North! :)

Raymond Harris said...

I like color for Benjamin, and boy is he growing up so very fast.
Really like the pic of the ice, my regular i phone did not capture the beauty of it all. Am looking forward to Spring. lvm