Friday, February 06, 2015

Remember When? Jonathan's Brace

My second post this year is remembering when Jonathan wore brace to help correct his club foot. Phew- that was a tough time! We traveled to Children's Hospital weekly so he could be cast. Each week, they manipulated his foot a tiny bit straighter. It was a painful process for him. :(

The doctor told me he had only had one other patient more difficult than Jonathan- you see, Jonathan would kick, kick, kick until he slipped those casts off. Then we had to drive back to the hospital for another casting. It happened at least once a week. I'd call and say, "It's Jonathan's mom." And they would say, "Come on in." He was a determined little fellow right from the beginning! :) (Huge thanks to Jeanelle, who lived close to the hospital. She often watched my other children & even taught them their lessons while I waited with Jonathan for his appointments. Dawn, I remember you helping often too. You rock!)

He wore these for a short time. It was NOT fun & I was thrilled when we went back to casts.

After several months, Jonathan started wearing a brace. He'd wear it for a long time but it was much easier to manage. Fewer doctor appointments. Yahoo! Of course, he still didn't want to wear this brace, especially in the summer, but I think it was less painful because he didn't take it off... as much. ;)

This was his favorite brace- camouflage:

Jonathan had one surgery to snip his tendon (it grows back when you're young), which helped to release the tension in his foot. We continued with braces till Eric lost his job & we couldn't afford to pay cash. (It was RIDICULOUS what they wanted to charge since we didn't have insurance! More than double what they had charged our insurance. errr!) When we moved to Atlanta, the doctor didn't believe any more braces were necessary.

Praising God for healing Jonathan! (And wasn't he a chunk when he was little?!)


dawn said...

Maybe for a Tully, I think my N-boy was the chunk. Nice to see that pic of them together

Tully Family said...

Your N-boy WAS a chunk, Dawn! :) Very cute!