Sunday, March 15, 2015

Full sun fun!

Sometimes fun happens in full sun. It's far from ideal for picture taking- blown highlights, shadows under the eyes, mixed lighting from shaded areas, color casts, white balance... ahhh! While I sometimes wait to grab my camera for a better time/lighting opportunity (ie, I know the same thing will happen again in more favorable conditions), I never want to get where I fear snapshots & I miss catching the joy of these children's childhood! God blessed us with a lovely, warm & sunny afternoon and the children soaked it in:

These two were not even suppose to be keepers- I was just testing my settings- but their expressions cracked me up & I couldn't delete:

Sweaty, warm & happy!

"Again!" These girls didn't want Patricia to stop:

No idea why Jonathan is missing a shoe.

Abigail loves being the big sister:

LOVE this one:

And she couldn't be quiet for long (hmm... wonder where that comes from...):

Time to escape:

I think it's time to get rid of those training wheels, Lizzie!

She asked me to her picture while she put on her hat. Always happy to oblige!

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