Wednesday, November 04, 2015


When I brought him home from the hospital, he swam in these pjs & now he's outgrown them.  I kinda think it's adorable. :)

Monday, November 02, 2015

Life Happenings & Educational Report: October 2015

Um... where did October go??? It seemed to fly by for us so I thought I'd just do an overview to catch you all up. Several of us have been battling colds for over 2 weeks now. Of course, everyone takes their turns so it feels like FOREVER since we were well. :) At one point, I was even down for the count & in bed for 2 days solid. Not fun, not fun. But it could be worse. We ALL remember that & that's a  good perspective.

This little man is growing like a weed:

Eric jokes that he's getting wider faster than he's getting longer. :) We love him to pieces! Josiah loves to coo & smile now, which makes him even more fun. For the most part, he usually sleeps through the night. This is a huge blessing because he is by far, my most difficult baby during the day. Sigh. Number #9 really needed to be laid back. Anyone want to try telling him that? He detests the bouncer  & car seats. Being held & sleeping on his belly is this boy's thing. Cuteness is his saving grace:

Josiah was baptized- a very special day!

Educational pursuits are humming along. Our church co-op continues to be such a perfect fit- I seriously do not know how I'd teach my older ones this year without the aid of their amazing teachers. Not having to completely tackle writing, literature & Latin on my own has freed up time so I can teach all the other littles. Plus, the children are learning from people who inspire wonder- that's so KEY! Embracing truth, goodness & beauty... those are the goals of education! The children (and mama) also enjoy the extra fellowship!

Did you know that I'm teaching two art classes at co-op? It's awesome! :) I've told the parents I am by NO MEANS talented in this area but I can facilitate learning & use a great curriculum. Art is one of those things you always mean to get to but so easily let get squeezed out of your busy day. :( Now it's getting done every week. Lovely! It's been a blast to teach the children & see their creativity grow! Here are some fun iPhone pictures:

My favorite class so far has been nature journaling. Starting in the spring, I hope to get a group together once a month:

Sometimes, younger siblings sit in on my younger class & I love it when they join us:

Patricia and I went with her writing & literature class to see The Crucible at Shakespeare Tavern. It was excellent!

Other highlights from our lessons include Jonathan & Elizabeth starting cursive (can you believe many traditional schools no longer teach this!?!?), Abigail read her first few words & Patricia starting calligraphy. I've begun the process of searching colleges & programs for Patricia. YUCK! The whole process is confusing (I'm starting earlier with Benjamin!) and annoying. Can't we go back to when she was little? Please?

I shot a wedding!!! Eeekk!!! It was a wonderful & the lovely couple looked stunning:

Emily turned FOUR! We celebrated the night before with my family & then two days later, watched Cinderella (it was excellent! my only issue was her low-cut dress) while Eric took the boys went to the father/son campout with our church. Benjamin made his own hammock & slept in it all night. All iPhone pics here:

A few more pictures from October (don't miss this thread):

I wonder what the neighbors must think when I find my children running around in things like this:

Thankful for older siblings to read to (very sad) littles while lunch is being made:

Soaking in the lovely fall evenings:

Second round of braces begun:

Saturday, October 24, 2015

How to get out of chores

If you want to get out of chores, play in pretty light & your mama with her camera will forgive all wrongs. Here, the boys were suppose to be doing yard work (notice the lawn bag in a few of the images) and I went out to remind them but when I noticed the sun, I grabbed my camera & let their play continue.

Friday, October 09, 2015

Just a Few

Just a few pictures because it's been awhile since I shared. :_

Lessons with Katherine... it can be interesting (these two are iPhone pics):

Jonathan (re)learned how to ride a bike! He LOVES it!

Sunday afternoon naps:

I let her do art when we get home on Thursdays.

This little girl is trouble (she's trying to drink the paint water here):

Evenings with Josiah- it's a rare moment when I can put him down. He tends to want to be in my arms, especially at night- I think he likes the time alone with mama after everyone else is in bed!