Wednesday, March 04, 2015


She's looking a bit mischievous here & that's because she was waiting to shimmy up the steps. Today, I gave her the okay because I wanted to take pictures. :)

Are you coming?

She's growing up fast!

Happy birthday, Jonathan!

Yesterday, we celebrated Jonathan's 9th birthday! Happy, happy birthday!!! No big celebration- just peppermint frosted brownies with family but we all enjoyed playing Fill or Bust. Jonathan requested a trip to the Tennessee Aquarium for his birthday (otters are his favorite animal) but we have to wait to go on the 14th. It will be fun! For his birthday meals, Jonathan chose the following: baked oatmeal for breakfast (The store had no gluten free oats so I bought packets of GF instant oatmeal. Oh, yes I did. The children LOVED it. Errr!), beans & rice with lots of hot sauce for lunch & pulled pork with sweet potato fries.

Here are some pictures (camera & iPhone) from yesterday:

Uncle Russell (as well as Papa & Nanny) came for dessert & gifts:

This game is a family favorite, so we were all excited to have a new one:

Katherine was READY for more:

When I went to download pictures from my phone, I found that Katherine had taken her first real selfie. Isn't she adorable? :) She's even trying to smile for it- hilarious!!!

Monday, March 02, 2015

Project 365: February 2015

Well, this month I missed one day. :( I took two pictures on 2/17 to make up for missing the day before. I never took a self-portrait (I won't call them selfies after hearing my friend, Lorimer, give a speech to the young people last week!) or a group shot. I'll try again in March! Several iPhone pictures this month on days when my camera wasn't easily accessible.

For the first 14 days, I completed a heart project. (I had originally thought I'd follow this theme for the entire month of February but by Valentine's day, I was D-O-N-E with hearts! lol!) It was good push for me creatively & I think I'll revisit this next February!

You can follow my Project 365 by visiting the tab above (I share my settings too) + you can see other people's projects by clicking on the button at the top of the page. I'd love to hear of your projects! Oh, and if you want, you can view January's calendar spread here.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We had our first snowfall today! :) The children were elated to wake to a light dusting & enjoyed watching some big flakes fall during breakfast. Everyone ventured out for a bit, though only Patricia & Benjamin stayed out the longest. They both built snowmen (actually, Benjamin's was suppose to be a penguin). Thankfully, they did it on the deck & I didn't even have to step outside for long to snap some pictures. Yahoo!

If I had actually stepped outside, I wouldn't have chopped off Patricia's feet but it was COLD! :)

 I do not really see a penguin but at least he's thinking outside of the box:

More snow is predicted tomorrow, Unfortunately, Patricia & I are scheduled to fly to Texas. :( Praying & trusting the Lord to provide! Things will be quiet here for the rest of the week but I'll be snapping a TON of pictures to share when I return! (Pray for Eric- he's home alone with SEVEN children!!!)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Educational Report: week of February 15, 2015

We've finished our 7th week of lessons & are looking forward to a break next week! Yahoo! Well... it's sorta a break, which isn't ideal but since the children are apart of a co-op, they'll need to keep up with those lessons. They will not attend classes, however, because Patricia & I are traveling to Texas for a graduation. :) We also have a makeup piano lesson Monday. I'm thrilled to take a step back from most of our lessons & hopefully get some thinking/refining done before I leave Wednesday night. We dug in & did some MAJOR deep cleaning today- the house had been sorely neglected these past two months!

This was a short week- we basically only had two days of full lessons. We had an ice day with no power on Monday so little got done. Thursday was co-op so only half a day of lessons at home. Friday I was sick, so no lessons that day beyond some independent work by my older three. Again, not an ideal way to end before a break but it will be okay!

Covenant Classes: Jonathan & Elizabeth studied about Western Europe in their geography class. Patricia's literature class continued it's study of Canterbury Tales, as well as some grammar about sentence structure. They have a paper due on CT next week, so Patricia's working hard to have it done before Wednesday! :) Benjamin & Matthias took their unit 5 Latin test last week & I saw they were in need of more review. After talking to their teacher, she decided to have the entire class spend a week reviewing, especially their grammar. I'm so glad! Patricia's Bible class finished up studying the Westminster Shorter Catechism & will begin an apologetic study next week using the book Always Ready. The younger children continued their study of the Old Testament's promise of a suffering Savior. They are suppose to finish memorizing Isaiah 53.

Memory Work: review week. And boy, am I glad since we had so few days of lessons!

Abigail: simple living & loving.

Art & Music: I rescheduled our piano lesson for next Monday because of my pregnancy sickness. Art is one area I'm trying to build on over break next week. I'm really hoping a few from families will join us for art but I'm not sure they have time in their schedules.

History: Patricia & Benjamin listened to a lecture on the presidents Adams & Jackson, read & wrote in their journals & worked on memorizing the second of the Bill of Rights. We should have covered a few more lectures, so we'll listen to & from piano on Monday. :) For the younger crew, we read just bit of George Washington's World, this week learning about the English & Spanish colonies, the Spanish & Pueblos of New Mexico, King Fredrick of Prussia & Johann Sebastian Bach. Of course, we listened to Bach! :)

Language Arts: Copywork, spelling & Explode the Code for Matthias, Jonathan & Elizabeth. Benjamin & Matthias read chapter 3 of Grammarland. Patricia continued sentence composing, Patricia & Benjamin finished lesson 5 of their Vocabulary from Classical Roots books. We only read My Side of the Mountain once. :(

Latin: Patricia will revisit this when we come back to lessons. :)

Logic: waiting for Eric. :)

Math: flashcards & Challenging Word Problems for Jonathan & Elizabeth. He's ready to move on but she needs to get faster with her facts! Matthias finished an entire unit on multiplication & division. Nothing new but it's good to solidify those basics! Benjamin's math was also review of adding & subtracting four-digit numbers, so we worked on a lot of mental strategies to see how fast (& accurate) he could go. Patricia worked on dividing & adding fractions. Our printers been broke, so they've missed Calculadder drill sheets.

Science: Patricia & Benjamin began module 14 of General Science. This module covers the human respiratory & circulatory systems. Did you know you're blood isn't blue? :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bring on the snow & wind!

(She had more gear but only these items were fun to wear, I guess.)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Glasses & Ice!

Last night, we were hit with an ice storm. We lost power for 1.5 hours & after it came back on, went to bed. We awoke at 3:30AM with no power again. It came back on a little after 11. Yahoo! It's been a reminder to stop & thank God for those "ordinary" things. The beauty of the ice on the trees has been breathtaking. I snapped a few pictures (funny how a little sun changes the look of the pictures, huh?):

Thankfully, the roads have been clear & we were able to pick up Benjamin's new glasses. I think he looks so handsome. :) Which do you prefer- b&w or color? 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Educational Report: February 8, 2015

Another report on Monday instead of Friday. So sorry! I prefer Friday because it helps me to look back & see what we did so I can make adjustments to my yearly lesson plans. Note to any new home educators: ALWAYS put your lesson plans & schedules on the computer (& then write it out, if you're like me & enjoy paper) so you can easily make adjustments. I adjust my yearly plan every week. 99% minor stuff but adjustments nonetheless.

Covenant Classes: several classes were cancelled due to illness or scheduling conflicts. :( Benjamin & Matthias' Latin class reviewed for an upcoming unit test. Patricia's literature class continued to discuss Canterbury Tales. The students also viewed each other's Prezzi presentations (their second one of the year). You can view Patricia's here:

Memory Work: posted here.

Abigail: same things, though we did add another page of Phonics Pathways. After teaching the vowel sounds, this program goes on to teach the blends of each consonant letter with all 5 vowels. We're working on S, so she sounds out: sa, se, si, so, su. She loved it! :) Teaching the children to read is my FAV part of educating!

Art & Music: we had lessons with our piano teacher. Does this count as art? :) I'm really hoping to fold in more formal art after our break next week.

History: Patricia & Benjamin listened two lectures: one on Napoleon & the Louisiana Purchase and another one on the War of 1812. They continued to read & write in their journals, as well as work on memorizing the first bill of rights. For the younger set of children, we continued to read aloud George Washington's World. We learned about Benjamin Franklin, how the postal service's construction of paved roads lead to unity between the colonies and the African tribe of Ashanti. I also pulled out the Kingfisher Encyclopedia & had the children read up a bit on Henry the Navigator. They memorized a history sentence about Henry but needed a refresher of who he was. :) After doing their "research," they wrote a bit.

Language Arts: Patricia & Benjamin finished chapter 13 of Our Mother Tongue; Patricia continues to work on a few exercises of Sentence Composing for High Schoolers; copywork & spelling for everyone but Patricia; vocabulary lesson #4 for the older two; Explode the Code for Matthias, Jonathan & Elizabeth. The younger two moved into book 1.5, so they were thrilled. Oh, and Jonathan moved into level 2 for All About Spelling. He was beaming! (Lizzie's been in it for awhile- it seems to come natural to her.) We continued to read aloud My Side of the Mountain. Oh, and Patrcia's been reading aloud The Silver Chair whenever Eric and I are out together.  (Btw, the children enjoy the illustrations in the version I linked too.) Yahoo for older children! I think we should go out more so she can read aloud. ;)

We need to be writing more! They are writing daily for either copywork, history & science but I'd like to get back to IEW. It's just been a crazy few weeks. :)

Latin: Patricia completed chapter 27 about the fourth conjugation & perfect system. The boys finished chapter 20 on 3rd declension I-stem nouns & began review chapter 21.

Logic: no new chapters but Patricia & Benjamin met with Eric & discussed chapter 1. They will wait to go on to anything new until he can finish reviewing chapters 2-4.

Math: hmmm... we did it daily but I can't remember what we covered. I'm too lazy to get up.

Science: Patricia & Benjamin finished their module on the human digestive system. The younger set didn't do science this week.