We're the Tullys. We hope that as you visit our blog that you see Christ because He is our Lord & our passion. We're BUSY around here with eight children but we're loving the journey! In the good times, we praise God. In times of trial, we praise Him too because we know He does all things well, even when we can't see or feel it.

In 2014, we celebrated 15 years of marriage! Who knew a city guy from New York & a country girl from Ohio would ever come together?!? While it's made for some funny moments, we know God was perfect in leading us to each other. We needed each other! Eric works as a Process Engineer while Heather stays home caring for & educating our children. Eric enjoys politics & guns. Heather enjoys photography & knitting.

These children are so much fun! Is it always perfect peace & harmony... uh, no! Anyone with one child knows the answer to that. But we are so grateful for the opportunity to be their parents & to train them in the ways of the Lord. Oh, and just because we often get asked... no, they are not all alike and, yes, they are often loud. :)

HUGE THANKS to Elizabeth Blank Photography for capturing our family pictures!


Tully Family said...

Thank you, Jeanelle. And that sounds like a great plan!

Jeanelle said...

I removed my comments to save David from embarrassment later.

Thanking God for you all!