Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly Report

Phew- the weeks are flying by!!! Below is a summary of some of the educational things we did this week. (You know that it goes without saying that a lot more gets done!)

Elizabeth: she helped mama work this week. Lots of singing too. :)

Jonathan: I didn't do a lot with the littles this week for "formal" teaching but we did manage to get Jonathan's number pages done. Look (notice the latin & roman numerals- both of which the children learn early on... though Jonathan doesn't know it yet):

Oh, and here is a picture of the two letter pages that he has done so far:

Circle Time: We finished up our devotions about WSC #2. I think the children are ready to move on to a new hymn, having memorized "We Gather Together." I need to make sure Matthias truly has it down... (Dawn, did you notice that the link has the piano playing?) We're so close to having our poem, "The Captain's Daughter" by James T. Fields, memorized. Yeah!

History: We studied Bloody Mary this week. I had hoped to get to Queen Elizabeth but that didn't happen. We did, however, get caught up with our timelines. Yahoo! The children were a bit shocked to learn about some of the torture and trials that men and women faced over their faith. May God grant us each the strength to obey Him, no matter what the cost!

We've been mostly reading and talking about history these past 2 weeks. I need to make sure we get in our narrations/summaries!!!

Science: I took the children to the aquarium today so that they could do a few pages for their nature journals. BIG YAHOO! We had a blast despite the huge crowds (note: do not go on Fridays... I know- duh!). I'll try to post soon about nature journals.

Literature: You can go here to see the books we are currently reading together. Patricia and Benjamin each finished reading a Ballantyne book this week. There is only one more in the series that Patricia has not read!

Latin: Patricia and Benjamin both completed a lesson. I'm getting better about making sure I drill Latin but there is still room to grow! Matthias has memorized two Latin songs from singing them during Circle Time. (Oh, and Elizabeth & Jonathan can sing Dona Nobis Pacem but they do not understand what it means!)

Math: Patricia worked on multiplying & dividing by 7s. She loved it b/c it was "easy, Mama! I'm ready to learn 8's!" This is a big "yeah" for us b/c it hasn't always been easy for her. :) Benjamin continued to work on adding 2 & 3 digit numbers. Math didn't happen "formally" for Matthias this week. (Sorry, Tina.)

Language Arts: I had Matthias read to Elizabeth several times this week, as well as myself. He enjoyed that big brother role. :)

We completed 2 grammar lessons for each of the children. Benjamin is now learning about adjectives and, after dictation, we identified the parts of speech. He enjoyed this!We also finished up last week's writing for the older children. All of the children did some copywork and/or cursive. The boys worked on ETC, which is always fun for them. (Sadly, they love workbooks.)

Pre-Logic: Patricia did more pages. Again, she loves workbook pages.

Music: We had lessons on Tuesday and have had LOTS of practicing at home, especial their recital pieces. Eric is banned from whistling the tunes!

Art: Nature journals! :)

- Heather


dawn said...

We might have to do googly eyes on one of our number pages, how fun!

That is *not* a piano, it is a MIDI track. [bleh]

You guys had a great week!

Christie said...

Great looking week!! Love the pictures!

Tully Family said...

Yes, Dawn but at least it gives you the tune of the song!

dawn said...

Oh, I generally know how the songs go tune-wise, the problem is singing the right notes [grin]

Moonbeam said...

It looks as if you all had a wonderful week. What an accomplishment to be so ready for the 8's to begin.

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
Please don't apologize to me about not doing "formal" math with Mathias. I am BIG believer in our young ones abilities to learn it through living and needed very little formal math till their older. Trust me, with 5 siblings, he is doing math!

Jeanelle said...

Great job Jonathan! Your pages look wonderful. Love the Latin. Kathryn just started her ABC book too. She loves it. It is a "special" time for her with Mama.

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear Eric thristling the tunes

It is so good to see what you all are doing.