Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Apple Picking 2010

The Lord blessed us with a beautiful day this past Saturday when we went apple picking! It was sunny and warm, a far cry from last year's weather! Our extended family were unable to join us this year but we enjoyed our time as a family immensely. We only brought home 2 bushels this year because I'm not up for a lot of applesauce making before our trip in a few weeks.

This year Elizabeth could actually pick the apples herself and she LOVED it! She was pretty good too- besides Patricia, Elizabeth picked the most:

Abigail would not let her apple go- she held it until we got home (keep in mind that the drive was 1.5 hours!). :) Here are some more pics of my young ladies:

My young men are growing older:

The children and I were especially glad to have Daddy with us. Here are a few pics of Daddy with his littles:

A family pic- yahoo!!!

The children were able to watch some bees making honey:

We ended our trip with a Tully family tradition: eating applesauce donuts for lunch. YUM!

I made these latter that night:

- Heather


Jess said...

What fun! Great family picture too.

Ooh and those pies look wonderful too.

Jeanelle said...

We miss apple picking! And we miss you! Remember, we used to do this together? Sigh. Love the pictures.

Tully Family said...

We miss you all too! Counting the days till Thanksgiving!