Thursday, December 09, 2010

Top 10 Things About Our New Zealand Trip: #10

After talking, Eric and I thought it would be fun to write a series of posts together (yippee!) about our trip to New Zealand. We are thankful to God for providing an opportunity for us to visit NZ when Eric had to travel there for work. My parents were AMAZING and volunteered to watch the children while we were gone for 12 days. It was a long time to be separated as a family & we missed the children immensely but, at the same time, it was wonderful to have time just as a couple. The time that we had to talk, hold hands & just be together was THE BEST THING about our entire time in New Zealand. :) New Zealand is breath-taking! One of the most beautiful place we've ever been to.

We're calling this series of posts "Top 10 Things About Our New Zealand Trip." Not a lot of information- mostly pics & memories. If you're interested in a unit study about New Zealand for your littles, here is a good (FREE!) source. We'll begin today with number 10. Enjoy!

#10 - The Auckland Domain and Museum

We visited the Auckland Museum one afternoon before Eric had to go into work. Since we didn't have a car while in NZ, we walked almost everywhere we went. The walk from our hotel was one of the best parts of this day. The walk was especially enjoyable in the park near the museum. We even saw wild parrots! Just look:

We didn't have much time at the museum because Eric had to get back to work but we were able to learn a little bit about the Maori people, who settled in NZ around 900 years ago (the exact dates are debated). Our camera didn't work the best inside the museum b/c we had to keep the flash off but here are a few pics:

On the way back to the hotel, we picked up some Korean pancakes. YUM. But we'll write more about that later. :)

- Eric and Heather


Anonymous said...

So very glad that you had time for just the two of you, it brings you that much closer together.
Enjoy watching the children.

Love Mom and Dad
The pictures are just beautiful great that two of you are doing this together.

Nellie said...

Yeah, pictures! Sounds like it was an amazing trip!

dawn said...

Hooray for pictures! I'm looking forward to this series :)