Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 More Family Favorites

I thought I would share with you two more family favorite recipes for dinner or a hearty lunch. Both are healthy & very yummy. In effort to expand our use of healthy oils, I bought some palm oil & my father found the recipe. Enjoy!

Black Bean Soup:

- usually use a jalapeno pepper b/c I always have those in the fridge
- I never measure but I'm guessing that I add more lime juice, salt & cilantro
- we usually serve this soup with brown rice at the bottom & sour cream with shredded cheese over top (for an extra treat, make homemade salsa & tortilla chips)

Palm Oil Chop: South African meal.

- NOTE TO MAMAS: palm oil is hard to get out of clothing if you do not wash it asap
- what I love about this recipe is that you do not have to measure anything- just chop & throw into the pot whatever you have on hand
- okra has become a favorite around here. It's something we never ate before moving to the south. I pity you northerners.
- I tend to use canned diced tomatoes (shudder) b/c it is what I have on hand
- we use more beef (& sometimes no beef depending on what is in the freezer)
- you MUST use fresh ginger! MUST!
- likewise, you MUST garnish it with hard boiled eggs over top. MUST! Try it. We also like rice, avocado, mango, papaya, & pineapple


Jess said...

OH MY! The Palm Oil Chop sounds amazing. We or maybe I should say ((I))love dishes that can be thrown in the crock pot and are adaptable. We just love coconut oil. We'll have to try palm. Does it have a strong flavor to it or is it pretty different than C.Oil?

dawn said...

Hey! I like okra!My grandma grew it and would cook it in homemade stewed tomatoes ... yu-um.

Tully Family said...

Palm oil is much more YELLOW & does have a different taste than the c.oil but we do not find it strong & distasteful. I think it goes best with meats, though one of the cookies I buy at Trader Joes (the ONLY cookies I buy in the store) uses palm oil in it! I bought a quart jar from Tropical Traditions for around $7 to try it- I'll order a larger amount next time.

Jeanelle said...

Thanks for the black bean soup recipe!!!