Monday, December 12, 2011

Matthias & Emily

These days, I seem to be running behind in so many things including blog posts. Oh, well. My day is blessed with nursing and living with lots of littles. And sleep. I love to sleep. :) I did want to play catch up with this post because it's just too special not to share!

First, Matthias completed reciting the Catechism for Young Children (Original Edition) to Daddy on. YAHOO! Thanks to our memory time, he already has a good start on the Westminster Shorter Catechism. :) We are also reviewing the entire Children's Catechism so he can recite it to our session.

Second, Emily Joyanna was baptized on the first Sunday of this month. We were delighted to have my parents & brother join us. Baptism is more than a ritual- it is sign of the covenant between God & His people. How good He is to love us so! We pray that Emily would rise up & be faithful to her God, that her faith would flow from both her mind & her heart. We pray that we would be faithful in raising her in the knowledge & fear of our Lord. We pray for covenant faithfulness for generations hereafter.

Thank you, Lord, for redeeming Your people through Your Son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for Your church & for using families to help grow it.
- Heather

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dawn said...

Well done, Matthias!!

And, hooray for baptism :)