Friday, August 24, 2012

Educational Review: Week of August 19, 2012

Okay, I know, I know. I've said it before & I'm saying it again... I'm going to try to be consistent with posting a weekly update on our educational endeavors.  No judging please. Let's all just try to be positive, okay? ;)

We completed our second week into our new "year."  (Should have been three but last week we just didn't seem to get much done. We were super busy but didn't seem to accomplish much!) Again, since we educate year around, it's always hard to find a beginning and end but we did take a break for several weeks and started back again, adding several new things into the mix. We're all looking forward to getting back to weekly lessons with our friends next week. This year we've decided to add history, so the children are especially eager for Monday. History is our favorite thing to study! :)

This report isn't super-detailed this week. I'm finishing up a post listing what we're using, so look for that soon. It's been good to be consistent with lessons and I've especially enjoyed having our calendar empty so we can stay home! :) The children have been struggling a bit with focusing on their independent work so we've had a lot of training going on. :) Everyone has been working hard & littles have slept well- just look:

Matthias was thrilled to finally start spelling (and, boy, o boy, does he need it!):

Jonathan & Elizabeth enjoyed using these tiles with the hundred number chart to practice their numbers (its been especially helpful with learning to discern the difference between 12 & 21- yeah!):

Having things on hand to keep littles busy is key to my sanity! I spent a lot of time getting things prepped (and I still have more to do!) but I'm so thankful I did! The children can only use them while I'm teaching, so it helps the items stay special. So far, these reusable stickers are a huge hit:

Watercolor is another hit (these help with the ease of use but it is still a bit messy):
For read alouds, we finished listening to The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis. It's a favorite! :) We started Ten P's in a Pod yesterday- it's a special treat to listen to the audio this time. The boys are constantly begging Patricia to read more of Johhny Tremain. Not sure if it's the love of the storyline or the fact that we will have a family movie night when we are done reading it. ;) None of these books tie into our history because we haven't started that yet, so we'll add more next week. Never can have too many books going at a time!
I'll try for a more detailed post next week & especially info on the older children... Actually, I should just try for another educational review post, huh? :)
- Heather


Mary said...

Oh, they all look so cute! We are big Johnny Tremain fans here.

dawn said...

I like the pictures :) I'm glad you're going to try to do some weekly(ish?) reviews!

Tully Family said...

Thanks, Dawn! I've always enjoyed your weekly reports! :)