Friday, August 17, 2012

She's 12!

This past Monday, we celebrated Patricia's twelfth birthday! I truly feel blessed to know this girl. She loves deeply- both God and others. She works diligently. She rejoices much. :)

I made these cupcakes. Amazing! Lots of sugar (I cut it down a bit) but real ingredients. We had a cupcake themed day:

We decided to visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens with our friends the Coppocks for Patricia's birthday. Fun! So we all climbed into the van for the drive downtown... only to pull up and see that the gardens are CLOSED ON MONDAYS! Yikes! So we quickly changed plans, called the Coppocks to let them know & headed to a park instead... After a total of 2 hours, we finally climbed out of the van... but we told the Coppocks to go to the wrong location. :( They graciously drove to the correct destination and we finally began our celebration.

Lots of play in the warm sun with yummy food. (And lots of flies. Not so much fun but oh well.) The cupcakes were a hit:

After the children played in the park, we took a walk along the path to a pond with turtles. These three little girls have a lot of fun together:

It was an enjoyable afternoon:

In the evening, we celebrated with my parents:

Thanks everyone for helping making Patricia's birthday special!
- Heather

BTW- while I was downloading these pics, I realized that I didn't take a great picture of Jonathan. He had fun though! I also forgot to take a picture of Emily! :( But I promise that she was there. :) I did get some adorable pics of Emily and Olive, the Coppock's youngest, on Sunday night. It is so much fun to have a friend with a baby the same age! Emily and Olive are fast becoming good friends- they both get excited when they see each other. I just love their adorable little bald heads & bare feet in these pics:

Oh, and one more thing! :) Patrica finished a cross-stitching monogram for Miss Courtney, one of the lovely young ladies at church. Patrick, the Coppcok's eldest, did another monogram for Miss Molly, Courtney's twin sister. They both did a great job:


Jeanelle said...

Happy birthday Tricia! We love you.

Auntie Jeanelle

Anonymous said...

It is so hard to believe Patricia that you are 12. What a true blessing you are! Love Nanny and PaPa