Friday, March 22, 2013

Pregnancy Update: Praising God!

I'm sorry- I didn't mean to turn our blog into a pregnancy journal! I'll try to get back with regular posting ASAP! If Jeanelle would send me pics from vacation, I could start with those! (Hint, hint!) We returned home late Sunday night & it's been a crazy week ever since. Two days of dr appts for me & then another day of piano lessons & grocery shopping. Yesterday, I finally put away all of clothing from our trip and even squeezed in some time for a few lessons. Phew! I'm glad to get back to a normal routine! I have enjoyed my mornings this week because all of the children have been sleeping in really late. :) This never happens so its been a special treat!

This past Monday, I went to see my hematologist. My numbers look good- blood is staying nice & thin and I'm not anemic! Yahoo! I go back in June for another checkup. Until then, I get to keep giving myself one shot per day. We spent more time talking about children than my health- he stated people are happier without them, ESP as they get older. I couldn't let that statement go unchecked. It's really sad to hear of such a negative view of children! In the end, I left him with this thought: the process of training children is often hard work but the results are blessings. (And then I went home & was sorely tested in that area. Funny how that always happens, huh?)

I went to visit a new midwife & OB on Tuesday. They completely embrace natural birth! They are working towards seeing the state of GA embrace natural birth- both in the hospital & at home. She new my past home midwife & highly respected her.  They have several people on Lovenox (my blood thinner med) who give birth naturally. Some even labor in water!  The plan is to have me go off my shots at week 36 & instead take heparin, so "you can see your due date come & go and not worry. We'll let the baby come when he's ready- no induction. And you can have a water birth." She apologized further birthing experience I had with Emily. (By God's grace, it was short but I was tied to a bed with wires & cuffs everywhere. I had to sit perfectly still.)

I cried. I had no idea that natural birth, let along water birth, was possible anymore! I am so thankful to the Lord for providing a new midwife & dr for us. So very thankful! We listened to the baby's heartbeat (what a glorious sound!) & talked a bit about my sub-chronic hemorrhage & fibroid. She said that its only high risk if they both continue to grow but more often than not, that's not the case. We will do another ultrasound at week 20 to check but she encouraged me to stay positive. What a different take than the other office!

Join us in praising God for His provisions for me and this little one! My cramping & bleeding have stopped, so that's good! This week, I returned to my normal activities, though I still miss being able to work out & I'm trying to not push myself too much. I'm thankful for the two weeks of rest I had but it feels so good to care for my family & home again! It was made a bit easier this week by coming home to a clean house- my mother came over & cleaned everything while we were gone- and a few frozen meals- one from my mother & another from my friend Lauren. Thank you both so much!

I pray that each one of you stop & take time to review how God is blessing your life! And remember to share it with your children!
- Heather

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Raymond Harris said...

We are so very thankful that our Lord watches over you and our future grandchild.
We continue to uphold you all in our prayers.
Love Mom and Dad