Friday, May 03, 2013

Art with Littles

I'll be honest with you: I've really never loved doing art with littles, esp when their is a group of them. The process is fun- it's the mess afterwards that makes me not even want to start! But I've tried really hard through the years to get over myself because children love creating just like their Creator! :) They love to bless others with their art. And I'm all for giving it away! ;) You know what happens when you die to self? YOU get blessed in the process! God is so good to us! I'm finding I enjoy art more with my littles & I love encouraging their creative outlets. So, I buy lots of supplies (Rainbow Resource has great prices & its always fun to go to a teacher or craft store), as well as how-to books & patterns. Sometimes we use this curriculum, though often the children just create on their own.
If you're a mama with really young ones, please feel NO PRESSURE from this post! Those early years can be tough. You're called to raise your children in the fear & admonition of the Lord- don't put extra burdens on your back that your current season of life doesn't allow for. But pray for God to open doors for you to be more creative with your children. Maybe, like me, you need to pray that God would help you enjoy art with your littles. Try something little: making a card or letter to send in the mail. Take a walk & pick flowers. Bake together. Sing. Breathe. The crazy seasons come & go. It will pass!
Here are a few pics of painting from this week:

 - Heather

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Raymond Harris said...

Art projects for be is so wonderful, look at all the beauty that comes out of it....Nanny loves their pictures in our house. lv m