Tuesday, December 03, 2013


What? It's DECEMBER 3rd??? Yikes! I think everyone is feeling the rush this year with Christmas following so close to Thanksgiving. Even Katherine is feeling it:

Remember how I planned on doing a light amount of lessons till January & then I tried to jump back to a full schedule a few weeks ago? Yeah, I know. Kinda of a dumb idea around the holidays. I'm not sure why I do that sometimes- why I put pressure on myself to constantly do more. I think it's a common problem for a lot of mamas. It's something I've been praying & thinking a lot about lately- how do I get done what needs to be done so we can glorify God? How do I do that so we can also enjoy our God? How do I do it in a way that let's us both train and enjoy our children? And this BIG question: is it possible to do more than nurse a baby & feed 7 children in one day? :)
I've decided to let go of the pressure to do more and instead be happy with a light work load this month. I want to soak in the special things of the season. But if all the things I hoped to get done to make the season "special" don't get done, I want to enjoy that too. I want to enjoy doing less. For some, that's not their issue but it's definitely something the Lord is teaching me. I want to spend a few more weeks thinking through how to tweak our schedule & curriculum to work for me instead of against me.
And if January comes & I'm still behind, I'm going to smile because it's okay. Life will keep chugging along & people will keep living and I don't want to miss it!


Sherri W./ Dayton said...

Yeah for you, Heather. We so often feel "behind" because we've set unrealistic standards for ourselves. You're right on track with God's schedule! Blessings for a relaxed and peaceful season.

Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

Feeling quite the same right now. :-)Merry Christmas to you all!