Friday, April 25, 2014

$5 of Fun

A few Saturdays ago, I did something I never do. I bought a cheap, random $5 toy while grocery shopping & brought it home for the little girls. It was the best $5 I've "wasted" in a long time! They've loved playing with it:

Getting a picture of all three of them looking at me at the same time without funny faces can prove to be a challenge. Here's how it went. Emily look here:

Yes, Emily I see your new toy. Look HERE, at me! Abigail stop being weird:


She can be so goofy sometimes:

I think she's looking older. I'm kinda in love with her hair- subtle highlights, smooth & shiny. It's lovely: 

It's impossible for this little girl to go outside & not get filthy. I don't mean dirty, I mean FILTHY! I've commented to Eric that she's worse than the boys, and that's saying something! :) Those are not her eyebrows- that's dirt:

It's about time for new boots but I'm not sure she's ready to part with them:

This is one of my favorite pics from the day. It just conveys "childhood" to me. She was happy to walk back & forth, stopping periodically to play with the balls but mostly she content to just carry it about:

Kinda adore this one too. Love capturing the joy:

Just before it was time to come in, Patricia showed Emily how to blow a dandelion. One thing that makes childhood precious is the fact that everything is new. I love seeing those first moments- the coldness of ice cream, the crunch of snow, the fun of jumping in puddles, the wonder of sounding out letters that make words, the joy of riding a bike with training wheels. I'm glad I was able to capture this moment for Emily:

Again, those are not her eyebrows. :) It was definitely time for a bath when she came in! She wanted Patricia to do it all over again when the dandelion seeds blew away:

I'm thankful for the privilege of being my children's mama & watching them experience and learn about life. I'm thankful God has given us His Word to help guide us as they learn. Parenting isn't alway beautiful or even joyful- it's made up of difficult moments too with a whole lot of mundane, ordinary things. But if we stop & observe, those things are precious!


Jeanelle said...

Love those pictures. You captured so much expression! Beautiful, sweet girls. Kathryn misses them.

Tully Family said...

My girls miss Kathryn! I've overheard them playing like she was here. :)