Friday, May 09, 2014

Summer Evening Fun

The children are enjoying spending their early evenings riding their bikes. The weather is warm (80s) but not awful, so we're soaking it in before it gets hot! I didn't capture any pics of the other children last night- half of them were too busy zooming by & the other half had discovered an ant hill that needed destroying. :)

Her hair is reminding us of Lizzies! :)

Is it summer or is it still spring? Hmm... that always confuses me!


Jeanelle said...

Em is adorable! Yes, soak it in until it gets too hot. We enjoyed warm showers yesterday. Texas needs it. We have had an amazingly cool spring with our usual sunshine. But today its supposed to get up in the 90's. Miss Y'all!!

Tully Family said...

Texas gets so warm so quickly but you have lovely sunshine!

Raymond Harris said...

Oh Emma how cute you the hair. Have Nanny