Monday, June 23, 2014

Time with Grandparents (+ a few pictures of us too!)

Last evening, we went with my parents & grandmother to the park to take some pictures. My grandmother goes home this Wednesday- we're going to miss her! I'm glad the children have had this time with their great-grandmother, time to hear her stories & enjoy her gifts of crochet blankets. I just wish we could do so more often. It's been fun for me to remember times I enjoyed with her when I was my children's ages. We spent lots of time around horses- I miss those days! It's been a bit tough to see Grandma age- funny how life stands still in your mind. We pray that we've been a blessing to her & that we can help her further in the upcoming days.

Katherine's middle name is Augusta, which happens to be my grandmother's name (I've got to figure out how to clone out those people walking on the path):

I snapped some of my parents also:

Look who's learned to clap- ADORABLE:

Love this picture (and this man... and this little girl!):
Oh, and why so many pictures of Katherine? Because as soon as we shot those first few group shots, the mobile children scattered in all directions. They ran so much, they came back sweaty & gross but very, very happy.

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Raymond Harris said...

Thanks for the pictures. Time does by so very fast!
It would be nice to have a great grandmother, grandmother and of course those grandchildren around more.
Thanks for the memories.
Love Nanny