Monday, August 03, 2015

YUM! (and our church folks rock!)

Yesterday, two awesome families from church gave us meals. I've been battling severe anemia at the end of the pregnancy & while we are managing house/food/life well, it's still not the norm we are use to. Cooking for our family isn't easy- there's the shear number of us + several food allergies, so I've tried to shoo people away. :) But some people just won't listen... and we are so thankful! :)

I'm so grateful for God's people! For their prayers, encouragement & fellowship. And my children would echo in here, for their FOOD! :) We haven't tasted it all yet but Katherine would like to thank the Abraham family for their yummy coconut fudge:

Belly laugh:

Cheesy grin:

It was time for a BATH:

I didn't capture any pictures of her eating it but Abigail is thankful for the McCallum's salad with the "delicious dressing." This is NO SMALL FEAT, Deanna, because that girl does not like anything green despite my efforts to reform her. :/ She's our hobbit, saying. "I don't like green food." One of the chickens was gobbled up tonight- it was a huge hit!

Thank you, ladies! :) We prayed for blessings on your family tonight!

NOTE: this is just one of countless times through the years that our family has been blessed by food from our various churches, serving like their Savior, Jesus Christ! It's such a sweet taste of God's kingdom!

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Bethany said...

I am so glad that you guys liked the fudge! It was an experiment. Adrian really liked it when we taste tested it, so I figured it pass.