Saturday, September 12, 2015

2 Weeks!

It's hard to believe we've had a little over two weeks with this little man:

It's been such a sweet time to have Eric home! He starts back this next week, though he does work from home two days & plans on taking Wednesday off so he can drive us to piano. But it's still going to be a change to be more in charge of the happenings. We will dip into a few more lessons but just a few- I determined to rest & heal! I'm sure there will be some tears though as we slowly adjust. ;)

It's felt good to pick up my camera again. At the end of my pregnancy, I just couldn't- I had no energy. Let me catch you up on some pictures. First, I realized I never shared pictures of the boys with Josiah when we came home so here are those (all iPhone except the ones with Matthias):

Abigail adores babies & she's always been my big helper. She's also very social, so she never misses an opportunity to chat it up. Josiah is a captive audience, so that makes her especially happy:

She likes to wake early to catch Josiah before anyone else is up but it can be tiring:

Elizabeth sneaks some time with him also:

I knitted his blanket; Nanny made the bumper pad:

Love her in pigtails:

More lessons from my rocking chair:

Josiah was a bit jaundice so I tried to get him in the sun as much as possible- window light works perfect:

My friend, Jill, have us this moses basket when Emily was born. It's such a blessing to be able to lay him down wherever I am (when he's not in someone's arms!). My mother made a new pad cover for Josiah:

Such tiny hands & just a tad bit of hair:

iPhone pic by Jonathan, who loves learning about photography:

This past Monday, the amazing Elizabeth Blank came to our home on Monday to take pictures. Eeek! I can't wait to see how they turned out! :) Here are our two Shutterbags together- you'll not find a better company!

Eric and I took the children out on Friday morning to ride the carrousel & then have lunch. Katherine needs some work but overall, it went well. Patricia snapped this using my phone:


Megan said...

Such beautiful pictures! Congrats on you're new little blessing!

Megan said...

That war supposed to be "your" - auto correct on this phone is terrible!