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Educational Report: Week of September 20, 2015

I wrote this on Tuesday (late but now it's Friday, so it's really late) & then forgot to publish it. I'm doing so now because these "reports" are a great way for me to review what we did. Plus, they are a blast for us to read at the end of the year. We added in just a bit more that week. Definitely didn't read as much as I want- our evenings seemed busy... though, as I look back on that week, I'm not sure why. I keep reminding myself that Josiah just turned 4 weeks that week- it's OKAY to not be doing a lot. :)

Bible: daily independent reading & reviewing memory work. The oldest three enjoyed a party on Saturday at church to celebrate memorizing Ephesians 1-2. :)

Circle Time: just around the table at breakfast this week. We listened & watched a performance of Handel's Messiah every morning. I LOVE getting back to listening to our current composer each morning- it helps everyone eat more cheerfully & it helps ensure that we are actually listening to pieces by our composer (vs just reading about their lives).

Reading Aloud: Eric read another chapter of Raiders from the Sea. (Everyone clamored for more but our focus this week was to re-establish reading the Bible as a family in the evenings. Babies have a way of causing wonderful havoc on daily routines!) I read two (or was it three?) more chapters of The Secret Garden to the girls before bed. Jonathan & Elizabeth each read 2 chapters from the Little House series, as well as finishing 1 chapter from their history readings (Duel in the Wilderness for Jonathan & Johnny Tremain for Elizabeth).

Covenant Classes: Jonathan & Elizabeth learned several new vocabulary words for names of family members, the pronoun jingle & the 5 cases for their Latin grammar class. They LOVE this class! :)

The boys moved into chapter 12 for Latin Alive 1, which covers the genitive case. Benjamin & Matthias learned about intensified adjective in their writing/literature class. (Benjamin also tells me Mrs. Bailey got off on a rabbit trail about a book called King Jim. He cracks me up, how he reports about what he is learning!) They continue to read Carry on Mr. Bowditch at home for the class & worked on week 4 of Writing with Skill, which covered plagiarism. They turned in a paper about the Gold Rush, having to cite sources, to Mrs. Bailey.

For writing/literature, Patricia read Of Plymouth Plantation. In class, she recited To My Dear & Loved Husband by Anne Bradstreet. They discussed Bradstreet & other Puritan authors. Patricia told me she is enjoying her speech class more- yippee! Don't ask me what the eldest three learned for their Bible classes... because it's Tuesday & I haven't asked them.... :/ (I will ask after typing this up!)

Here's a picture of Patricia working on a paper for (she's listening to music- I do NOT often let earphones be in my children's ears, especially during lessons):

Abigail & Emily: lots of practicing their numbers & letters. Abigail is reading the first few pages of Phonic Pathways (she's blending s, m & n with each vowel). She is VERY eager to read "just like Lizzie." Abigail finished her Singapore Math, Kindergarten book A this week! :)

History & Geography: I read George Washington's World to the younger set. Only oral narrations this week- no writing. We especially enjoyed researching snuff boxes after learning that John Hancock was gifted a gold snuff box by King George. It was all the fashion to sneeze, so people would grab a pinch, sniff & sneeze. HILARIOUS! Benjamin & Patricia reviewed past history memorization. Benjamin finished reading Moby Dick.

The older three reviewed continental blobbing; Jonathan & Elizabeth reviewed lines of longitude. Just found these that I'm ordering!! Thank you, Sarah (follow her Periscope- it's great fun)!

Language Arts: Matthias started Our Mother Tongue; this week's lesson was on nouns. All three older children did a lesson (Patricia did two) of Fix-It. Jonathan worked on Spelling. He & Elizabeth brainstormed dress ups for a paragraph they will write this week. It was good to enforce what adjectives are. :)

Latin for Patricia: she completed chapter 14 of Latin Alive 2 on pluperfect & future perfect passive indicative, as well as active & passive perfect infinitives. Confused? Yep, me too. :)

Math: can I just say I LOVE having Eric help Patricia with her math in the evenings?!?! We were consistent with daily lessons & homework with everyone- YAHOO!!!!

Philosophy: Eric, Patricia & Benjamin listened/discussed half of the second lecture about Italian philosophers. They are still learning about pre-socratic philosophers & covered Parmenides & Xeno. I listened in during the first lecture but not this week. :( Makes me sad & I KNOW Eric would love to have me join them but they meet at night & there's lots of littles needing attention... and I'm reading SO MUCH right now to keep up with other lessons... and I do not love philosophy.... so I'm not joining in. :(

Science: the younger set folded in science this week. We spent the week reading some of Destination Moon: the Spiritual & Scientific Voyage of the Eighth Man to Walk on the Moon. Like history, no written narrations but lots of talking. :) Science is one big area where we are making changes to our approach after learning about Charlotte Mason philosophies. Still researching & learning but the big change are: 1) more REAL books in various studies & a 2) science & lab notebook. EXCITING! I'll discuss this more as I line up the older children's studies.

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