Monday, April 26, 2010

March Piano Recital

I know that this was a month ago, but I really wanted to post video from the children's second piano recital! (If you missed it, you can go here to see video & pics from the first recital back in October.) Here is Matthias playing "Cuckoo" with his right hand while Mrs. McKeown accompanied him:

Benjamin played "Lightly Row" with both hands. Yahoo! You'll notice he sat down too quickly- he was suppose to wait till everything was set up but it is so hard for them to be patient when they get up there.

Patricia played "Ecossaise," which is the first song in book 2. Yeah! She won an award for the best tone. :) That award meant a lot b/c it is so easy for Patricia to get nervous and then not play with a solid tone. She worked hard to overcome that!

Here are a few pictures taken afterward:

We praise God for the gift of music and the privilege the children have to learn to play piano!
- Heather

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Jeanelle said...

Nice piano palying! We have a recital this month. I'll try to post their songs too. All the children enjoyed listening to your beautiful music!

Auntie Jeanelle