Friday, September 02, 2011

Iron Treatment

I went for my first of four intravenous iron treatments this morning. This was a huge praise because we had to delay it a few days until our insurance company approved the procedure. The treatments are about one and a half hours... once you get in the chair. ;) Before that, you have to get your vitals done, sit in another waiting area, meet with the doctor & then go back to the infusion room. It was humbling to be there- everyone else in the room was undergoing chemo. My heart was lifted up in prayer! (I also read a book for a bit & rested.)

I am going to be seeing this hematologist once a week until Emily comes. He has changed my medication to 2 shots per day to help keep the blood thinner in my system. He also said that my iron levels had dropped once again. :( I will have my blood drawn each week to monitor levels of how thin it is & what my iron levels are. If my numbers go down any more for my iron, I must have a blood transfusion. Please join us in prayer that these treatments will prevent that!

Everyone keeps asking how I feel. :) I've had a headache and am a bit warm, both common side affects I guess. I was pretty tired so I rested this afternoon- yahoo for quiet time! :) Thank you for your prayers- remember Eric too as he cares for his family & for our littles as life is a bit unusual right now.
- Heather


Jeanelle said...

Praying for you dear sister! It's hard to be so far away. Looking forward to our visit.

The Thomas Family said...

So glad to read that you got a treatment today! Know that we continue to lift you and your family in prayer! I will bring you a pan of lasagna on Sunday to stick in your freezer for the next treatment day.

Tully Family said...

YUM- thanks, Kristine! We're praying for you all too!

Anonymous said...

Our Lord is so good! WE will continue to up hope you and Emily in our daily prayers! Love Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Praying for you, Heather!