Thursday, October 27, 2011

More (Random) Pictures from Past Few Days

Emily ready to come home from the hospital (you might notice some bruising on her face from the birth- her face looks much better now!):

Several of our littles have had coughs and/or sore throats, so they were unable to meet Emily until we came home. :( What JOY filled the house when we finally came home Monday night:

The Arendse are visiting, so there were a lot of littles all wanting to hold Emily:

Daddy changing his first diaper:


auntie karen said...

leave it to Eric to cover his nose with his can't smell that bad, unless Mommy is putting smelly food in her as baby is drinking cute!!

Tully Family said...

It doesn't smell bad- its just Eric!

Anonymous said...

Love the diaper changing with Eric, no mater how many little ones he has, he still covers his nose! Oh Eric! Mom H.