Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Book List: Book #7

I read She Shall Be Called Woman by Victoria Botkin this week. Excellent. Convicting. Encouraging. A MUST READ for all my girls when they are about to be married.

I highly recommend reading it as you listen to Mrs Botkin's audio series- I listened in during the webinar but plan on re-reading the book & listening to the audio again slowly. I need to do a lot of praying & thinking, along with conversing with my hubby. (We already talked a lot when I went through the webinar but there is so much to think through!)
- Heather


Jeanelle said...

Looks great! Do I get to borrow it? It's on my book wish list.

Tully Family said...

You're welcome to borrow it after I re-read it. :)