Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012

Outside my window... still a bit grey out but that's because it's early.

I am thankful... for many things this morning: new dinning room furniture (see pic below), a hubby who put all the furniture together, our family walk Saturday, our church, sitting around one table to eat our meals, visiting with my parents, Eric & I's re-commitment to be healthy... so many things!

In the kitchen... lentil stew for dinner with Jill's salad.

I am wearing... pjs for just a bit longer.

I am creating... my sweater (I decided to wait to do a KAL for Patricia's gift. Starts Sept. 9th)

I am going... on a double date with my hubby this Friday. YAHOO! We get to hold hands & eat a meal with grownups. :)

From the learning rooms... lessons with the Coppocks today! :)

I am reading... Building Her House by Nancy Wilson.

I am hoping... we continue to get a lot of lessons done this week! Adding logic & vocabulary for Patricia, as well as history for everyone.

I am looking forward to... making this! :)

I am learning... about colonial America with the children. Exciting!

Around the house... it's fun to do some decorating & house projects. Lots still to do!

I am pondering... the article I linked to in the next line. Good stuff.

A favorite quote for today... this article. If you're a mama, go read it!

One of my favorite things... my Starbucks app on my iPhone. It's also my least favorite thing because it's way too easy to spend lots of $ now!

A few plans for the rest of the week: weekly group lessons, Patricia's ortho appt, piano lessons & date night with my hubby!

A peek into my day... the start of our new dinning room (we all fit! yahoo! and we can fit a TON more!):

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dawn said...

Beautiful! eating together is good :)