Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh, Abigail!

Look who came downstairs at 10:30 last night, carrying a Lego gun & wearing three shirts, her older brother's socks & shoes:

Eric and I laughed SO HARD! She was wide awake & very proud of her outfit. We found her doll upstairs decorated with various hair clips. She obliviously was having a great time upstairs while all the other littles were sleeping! The children had ice cream for a snack yesterday... I'm thinking the sugar had a big inpact on Abigail.
- Heather


Unknown said...

You can't say we didn't warn you about the name Abigail - they tend to be spunky and unusual! :)

Jeanelle said...

Those are the times you just have to laugh and ignore the disobedience and get snap shot. Sure, blame it on the ice cream!

I found Kathryn under the table the other day while the rest of us were diligently doing our chores with a mouthful of frozen chocolate chips. She apparently shoved them all in her mouth when she heard me coming and stuffed them all into one cheek just like a little chipmunk. I wondered what she might be doing until I saw the evidence all around her pretty little lips.