Friday, April 26, 2013

I'm back (with pictures!)

Eric was finally able to get our computer up & running a few days ago. Yahoo! :) I think a Mac is in our near future but I'm grateful to save those pennies... or, at least spend them somewhere else! ;)

I've had my camera for a little over two weeks now and I'm totally absorbed with learning about manual mode. I've come across some great websites & a few good books that I'll review later. There is SO MUCH to learn! I'm trying to spend a few minutes every day in the process, as well as take pictures everyday. Of course, that doesn't always happen but I'm enjoying the journey. Before I share some pictures, just remember that I'm learning and these are not professional grade in the least! One negative to reading so much, is that I see how flawed my own photography is! But I only can improve if I try and my mama's heart just can't delete too many pictures. (We do have an autofocus lens but so far, I've only used it a couple times.)

Here was the first picture I took in manual mode (YIKES! This was before I read about white balance & hence the yellow tent.):
Top priority is for me to learn white balance- it can be tricky. Here are a few more pics with it off but I still couldn't delete:

Then there's focus to nail down! That can be tricky with littles:

Just a few more- these are some of my favorites that I shot the first week:

That was a lot of pics! What can I say, I'm a mama! :) Besides, I haven't posted pics in a few weeks. This post was also heavy on pics of the girls... I'll get more shots of the boys today as they enjoy their birthday gifts: BIKES! :) Happy birthday, Matthias! Hope it's a great one.

- Heather


Jeanelle said...

I love taking pictures too! Give Matthias hugs and birthday blessings from the Arendse family. The boys will have so much fun riding together.

Kathryn finally figured out how to ride her bike just last night. Lorimer had the honor of watching her take off for the first time. Definitely a moment to capture in her scrapbook.

dawn said...

Wonderful ... Fixed computer, pics, and bikes! Happy Birthday, 'Thias!

Tully Family said...

Yep, pretty good day until put bulls came running in our yard! :( Praise God for His protection!

dawn said...


Tully Family said...

Pit bulls not put bulls. iPad sometimes changes my spelling. (It's not me, of course!)

heaven minded life said...

That's so neat that you are learning more about photography! Something I really desire to do=) Your pictures look beautiful to me!!

Raymond Harris said...

How did I miss these beautiful pic of the grandchildren.
Oh this is so of Patricia, her love of books. Thanks daughter for teaching to love to read to your children....hope whatever she was cooking did not burn! Mom