Saturday, August 31, 2013


38 weeks and still waiting. I feel like my body's constantly contracting- hopefully that means I'll have quick & "easy" labor... once we get to the hospital. It's an hour drive with no traffic, so Eric's a bit nervous. :) I've gotten a lot of things checked off the to-do list, including buying Baby's needed items, packing a hospital bag, setting up the cradle in our room & sorting clothing. Yeah! Absolutely no food put away though. :( BUT, I did just pick up our large beef order today, so the freezers full of a 1/4 of a cow. Yum!

We purchased a used, tiny car & said goodbye to our Sienna minivan. I'll miss it but its nice to get better gas mileage AND have air conditioning, especially since we live in the South! Eric mainly uses the car to travel to & from work but I've enjoyed using it to travel to doctor appointments & grocery shop.

Elizabeth & Abigail had their first haircuts this week. (Thank you, Mrs. Coppock!) Lizzie didn't like it but Abigail was thrilled. It really wasn't a cut- more like a trim. It doesn't surprise me that Elizabeth cares so much- she's always been into fashion. Today, she dressed herself & came down with her Sunday best.

We finished up our colonial history study & began revolutionary war time period, which overlaps nicely into what we just finished. I have a review of the lapbook & unit study we used but I'll wait till I can post pictures. Very impressed & will continue to use this approach for the younger children. Patricia starts a 4-year humanities study next month. Eric & I will learn right long side her & we're excited to join the Arendse family too! It's good for those dialectic (and rhetoric) students to talk things out. Since we do take a unit study approach when the children are younger, it was important for us to find a through history/humanities course for the later years. We think/hope Dr. Grant's course will be that!

Patricia has been feeling sick (a cold with a sore throat, achy ears & coughing) & I suspect several others will join her soon. Somehow, we always seem to have sick children when a new baby is born.

I have pics to share of all of the above but our computer is still down. We think the hard drive has been damaged & I'm prying we haven't lost too much, especially pictures! I'm kicking myself for not spending the money to buy online backup of photos. We will definitely being getting that now!

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