Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: SNOW!

Okay- I simply can't make this wordless this week. Yesterday, it SNOWED! The weather quickly shut down the city: it took people hours to come home & many had to abandon their cars when the officials finally shut down the roads. Our two nephews spent the night at their school- we are so happy they are safely at home today! We knew people who walked to hotels for the night or even back to their offices to sleep. Most local businesses are closed today. All of this for a few inches and ice. WOW!

Once we knew our loved ones were home safely, it was time to enjoy our winter wonderland! Snow is a rare treat around these parts! It was beautiful when they went out yesterday- flakes were coming down the entire time. This was Emily's first snowfall. She kept scooping it up and saying, "Falling, falling."

I think she ate more than I care to know:

Abigail didn't remember snow. This girl loves to be outside & the colder temps didn't phase her one bit. As you can see, we were short on winter gear:

Elizabeth has NEVER been one to love being outside. :( She didn't stay outside long:

Patricia & the boys enjoyed snowball fights:

Can you spot the snowball in Jonathan's pic?

When we have enough snow to make a snowman of any size, that's a lot of snow (even if we have to gather the snow from the entire deck to assemble the snowman):

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of snow! And thank you especially for keeping us all safe and warm!


Raymond Harris said...

Good to have husbands home, the kids are cute.

dawn said...

R-girl still wears the pink snow pants. Need 'em back?

Tully Family said...

Probably! :) This was the year I didn't buy any new snow gear... Because we never really use it.... Until days like this week!