Thursday, March 06, 2014

Helping Me Learn

Remember when I posted some of my photography goals for this year? Number five on the list was continuing learning via education. I've had a blast taking my first class from Clickin Moms: Mastering Manual Exposure. It's been great- I'm learning so much!!! I enjoy the creative outlet of photography & I especially enjoy preserving family memories.

This week for my class, we've been studying shutter speed, We're learning how to freeze motion or intentionally blur it. Matthias was more than willing to help me today (note: the middle picture is intentionally blurred by lowering my shutter speed):

He had a blast jumping on my bed. And he wasn't casually jumping- he was rocketing back & forth and up & down! Lots of littles standing behind me volunteered to "help" also. :) I had several conversations with them all, reminding them to NEVER JUMP ON MY BED (or theirs for that matter) WITHOUT PERMISSION. Who thinks they might "forget" that one day soon? :)

I really hope I don't regret this! A tiny voice in my head tried to warn me but I didn't listen.

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