Thursday, March 27, 2014

Let's Play Catch-Up: A Few More Pictures

Third & final post to catch you up, this time a few more pictures from the month of March. (By the way, I'm trying to keep my Project 365 current, so that's always a great place to check out for pictures.)

I can hardly believe this little one is learning to crawl already! At six months, she's our youngest to do so. For now, Katherine, gets around by pushing her bum way in the air & then inching either forward or often times, backward. (She looks like a little inchworm.) Once she figures out how to hold her head up, she's going to take off! YIKES! When she can't get to where she wants fast enough this way, she rolls. Life is going to quickly change for me!

Katherine is our LOUDEST baby! She delights in squealing- it's hilarious!

Okay... just a few more of Katherine because she's SO CUTE (and look, I got in front of the camera!):

I snapped a (very bad) group shot of the children when we went to the park. I need to make a point to do this more- it's tricky to get them all in one picture but it's worth the effort:

Finally, Jonathan brightened my day by painting this for me today:

Nothing really special about art today but here's what was special: we did it! :) My children don't care about fancy lesson plans. In fact, I think they prefer art when I just let them go, especially when I join in. Of course, they enjoy learning but they're okay when they can just do it. The colors were so bright from all of the children's work:

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