Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 Photography Goals

2014 was a great year of photography! I made a concentrated effort to learn how to use my camera & I completely fell in love with the process of capturing images through my lens. No surprise there- since I was a little girl, I've loved snapping pictures, scrapbooking & flipping through old family albums so I could hear all the old stories from anyone ready to share. I see my children doing the same with our albums & it warms my heart.

I shared my goals last year in this post. I completed some & failed in others. That's okay! It's time to list my photography goals for 2015:

1. Grow creatively. I spent all of 2014 focusing on the technical aspects of photography. It was intense & fun but now I want to start finding my style & moving beyond just snapshots.

2. Complete my Project 365. You can follow along under the header up at the top of our blog. The goal is to take a picture daily, edit & upload it. (I had this same goal last year & while I didn't take a picture every day, I did edit on days I didn't shoot. Completing this project did wonders for my skills & helped me capture some of those ordinary moments I think I would have missed out on.)

3. Edit & print pictures. Try to spend at least 15 minutes a day editing. I want to print pictures once a month. (See goal #4.)

4. Catch up with albums! Try to spend at least 15 minutes a day working on albums. Eric wants me to scrapbook once a month. My goal is finish all baby albums & print out blog books. It would be great to start childhood albums. (I had this goal last year & failed a few months in.)

5. Continue learning via education. CM workshops & breakout, plus a possible mentorship (eeekk!) with the amazing Elizabeth Blank, who took our family pictures!

What about you? What are some of your 2014 goals?

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Raymond Harris said...

Like always I have a lot of want to be to do for this year.....some I do and others I hope to do. I figure that if you write them down, some are exactly done!!
I want to finish my quilts up, two were done last year and hope to finish up the ones for this coming year(there is so many I want to do)
Finishing my albums would be Grand! your few minutes a day sounds great, but some how they are put to the back of the long list, will try again this year. So many need to be done.
The very best with your long list, will be praying that your photo shop will grow. Lvm