Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Family Pictures (+ a BIG announcement!)- a large share!

I have NO idea why it's taken me this long to post our family pictures from November. (Or why I just sent out New Year's cards. Yes, I know its February.) I guess it's just how we roll these days. :) Eric & I are so grateful to Elizabeth Blank Photography - her images blew us away! She took so many that I'll have to do two posts. And in the process, I've found a great photography friend. :)

I had fun knitting my sweater (I coordinated our outfits around it), the girl's shawls & Katherine's blanket. HUGE thanks to my friend Jill, who made all of the children's clothing, including hand beading Patricia's collar! She made us look way better than we often do in person. :) You can find her Etsy shop here.

I snapped some fun iPhone pictures of Elizabeth at work- what a sweet person! And very brave to take on a family of 10! We were thankful to God that all of the children were happy that night!

Some group shots (can you guess which one is on the card?):

The girls together:

The boys together:

Eric & I:

They LOVE to dance together:

Here are some individual shots:

A beautiful way to end the evening:

That big announcement? Elizabeth will have to capture ELEVEN of us this year! :) Yes, we're expecting! My due date is August 13th, which is actually Patricia's birthday! Praising God for another blessing!


dawn said...

Hooray! Congratulations. I wondered if this was so by the way you commented on FB :)

Daenel T. said...

So beautiful. How were you able to even pick a favorite? And your announcement? Awwwww congratulations!!!

mamathreads said...

Beautiful photos, and many congratulations and blessings for your growing family!!

Tracy said...


Kristine said...

The pictures are breathtaking!!!❤️❤️❤️We are rejoicing with you for another blessing!!! Hugs to all!!!

Raymond Harris said...

Yeah another grandchild. We all share with your happiness. Love Mom and Dad and Russ

Tully Family said...

Thanks, everyone for your sweet comments! :) We have so many favorites from this session... Basically, EVERY picture she took!

Jeremiah and Stephenie said...

Congratulations, Tully family!

Auntie Karen Tully said...

Another little Tully. Praise be to God that you and Eric have beautiful children! I can't wait to meet my new niece or nephew.