Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wednesdays With Words: Patricia's Thoughts

A day late. Sorry. We've been with stomach flu for the past 10 days so I haven't done much reading or commonplacing (I believe firmly that should be a verb!) but I did sit down to read through Patricia's paper for her literature class. She's writing about how heroism developed during the Ancient to Renaissance periods.

Wow- I was just taken back! I'm so thankful for the great books & that my children are studying them now. I'm grateful I get to learn alongside them (or at least try to keep pace with them- lol!). I'm thankful for the amount & quality of literature Patricia's covered this past year at our homeschool co-op (co-op runs Aug-May so we are nearing the end). I'm so grateful to Mrs. Elizabeth Bailey who is teaching our students! I'm am so very, very grateful for the handful of parents & our Pastor who are investing in these covenant children's lives! Our family has been encouraged & it's help aid our educational pursuits. THANK YOU!

Anyway, today I grabbed my commonplace book to write down a few of my daughter's quote. Kinda awesome. First, I copied this one because it's prose just caught my breath:

"As the tide of Christianity lapped on the shores of such remote hearts as those of the Vikings, the tales and culture took a turn for the better."

The second quote I wrote made me smile because she gets that worldviews mater. Ideas have consequences. (Shout out to Dr. Grant there.)

"It is important to remember there is nothing passive about evil. The closing of our eyes is only an invitation to surrender."

Can't wait to read the final paper tomorrow! So thankful for your hard work, Patricia! Be sure to link up with Dawn's blog to see more words:

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dawn said...

Excellent. I love that these are from Patricia and the phrasing is very engaging.