Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy 13th, Benjamin!

I can hardly believe our eldest son turn 13 today! WOW! Happy, happy birthday, Benjamin! You're full of joy, energy & life. You work with gusto at whatever you do. You're loud. You love big. You're a talker. You are really funny. You're now a man- may you ever serve your Savior, Jesus Christ!

We are planning a special birthday celebration on June 13th, so today was a bit quiet. Lots of game playing & a movie. For dinner, we had these AMAZING fish tacos (adapted slightly to be gluten & dairy free) & these brownies. (Except somehow I didn't get a brownie saved for me. Hmm... Eric may need to run to the store for some chocolate because I did a ton of dishes. A ton! Just sayin'.) Both were HUGE hits!

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Auntie Karen said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!! HUGS!!