Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pregnancy/Baby Update

Yesterday (day #5 of resting), Eric & I went to visit our new OBGYN. Our midwife recommended this dr because it is a Christian practice & suppose to be "mother-baby friendly." While I'm technically under the care of the dr, he told me that it is likely I can deliver with one of the two nurse midwives because, despite the blood clots, I'm very healthy. :) No one freaked out about my previous home births & the dr even mentioned that he is fine with it for healthy pregnancies. What a blessing! I usually have to defend myself.

They told me I was 12 weeks 3 days. (Still a shock for Eric & I!) The dr couldn't hear the heartbeat because I am so early, so we had another ultrasound. What an absolute joy to see our child kicking and moving! This little one seems very active. Thank You, Jesus! We even got to bring a picture home, which thrilled the children & grandparents. (I'll try to post the pic soon. Our computer is utterly dead & we are hoping to get a new one today.) Elizabeth was very concerned that our baby has no clothes on. :) When I told her that we would dress the baby when he came, she replied, "Oh, like a doll." :)

Overall, I'm pleased with this practice. It's nothing like the care I receive from my midwives- oh, how I am missing them!!! The appointment was so short (well, it was short once we got in a room- we waited in the waiting room a long time). It seemed so clinical- nothing personal & we didn't even cover much about the birth. Just took down history & stats for blood pressure & baby heartbeat. But I know that a hospital birth is truly necessary in my case & I'm praying for God's protection. (Half of inductions result in c-sections.) The Lord is once again teaching me to joyfully yield to His will & to trust Him.

Today, I go see my pulmonary dr. I'll go back to the OBGYN in 2 weeks. All of these appointments are going to get old quickly.
- Heather


Mahers Hill Academy said...

Praying that the pregnancy and birth will go well for you. I know it would be hard for me to go back to having a hospital birth, and I've only had one homebirth! It is so different!

Anonymous said...

we were so thankful to see our new grandchild, what a blessings. So cute to hear that Lizzie is concern about the baby clothes. Will continue to pray for you....be well assure that the Lord has you in his hands.
Love Mom and Dad

Karen Tully said...

Heather: We are keeping you all in our thoughts. We are lucky that we have medical options that women years ago didn't have. We are very happy that you are still with us on this earth.

Karen John and Little Matt

The Lee Library said...

Hi Heather! So many ups and downs for you in 2011! I wanted to drop a line and tell you that we have been praying for and your family.

If you have any questions about induction - feel free to ask. I have been induced 2 & 1/2 times and I love it (no extra drugs, just the pitocin with the Andrew {labor started on it's own, but did not progress} and Elizabeth. With the twins I had an updated version of Pitocin {I guess-I can't remember what it was called and "balloons" are very cool}. A midwife delivered the first twin (Isaiah) and a doctor the second (Timothy) - a very natural experience without being able to be at home. I know you are very strong and I will pray for a positive experience for you and your little baby - Congratulations!!

Love, Julia