Tuesday, June 28, 2011

2011 Book List: Book #5

Saturday I finished reading "A Love That Multiplies" by Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar. While I enjoyed their first book (reviewed here), this one was even better. Eric just started it & we look forward to talking in greater detail as he reads along. (I already read aloud several parts so we could discuss certain things.)

The book shares the Duggars past trials, focusing primarily on their youngest's premature birth, as well as stories from their lives. Through their testimony you are able to see God's guiding and loving hand sustain & uplift them. Truly, He is our great help in a time of need!

In addition, the book gives some very practical advice about marriage, parenting, finances & everyday life. I gleaned a lot & was encouraged! Highly recommend this one!
- Heather

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Anonymous said...

Would like to read this book. mom
I am so gratefull for Christian women. Mom