Friday, May 17, 2013


It won't be very long before my boys are men. That means we have a lot of training to do. A lot. So many things to teach. So many things to encourage. So many things to instill a love for. And, because they are boys, it often means we have to say it over... and over... and over again. :) Ever notice how Proverbs says "Listen, my son." It takes time & lots of training to get those boys to focus! Sometimes my head spins with all we need teach! I'm so thankful for a heavenly Father to take all my concerns to! I'm so thankful my sons have God's Word to study.

And... I'm so thankful that for today, my boys are still boys. I do not need to teach everything today. Or even tomorrow. In fact, I'll never teach it all! But I can point them to the One who can. I'm also grateful that for today, my boys have time for play & imagination. Those are special gifts God gives children.


Raymond Harris said...

How quickly these days will fly by and how quickly they will becomne men.

Jeanelle said...

Happy birthday Benjamin! We love you. David would love to right by your side!