Saturday, February 01, 2014

Educational Report: Week of January 27, 2014

I reported last time that the week seemed short with a holiday on the Monday. Well, this week seemed really short because we were blessed with SNOW! It wasn't much of a blessing for many in Atlanta but we were able to enjoy it, as all were home safe and sound. Tuesday afternoon brought the snow & thus began a break from our regular schedule till Friday. It was just too good of an opportunity to pass up, especially because we only get snow once every few years. You can go here to see some fun pictures.

Memory time happened Monday but that was it beyond reading aloud about Bach. The children enjoyed listening to pieces of music throughout the chapter. The book comes with a cd but the music isn't the best quality so I had Patricia play the pieces for us. Yahoo for Suzuki training- many of the pieces are ones she's already learned. Jonathan & Elizabeth worked every day on copying their new Bible memory. They are working on the 10 commandments- two down & eight to go. I should probably make sure the older children remember these as well.

We covered one lecture for Patricia's history about troubadours and jongleurs. We enjoyed listening to several musical pieces of the medieval era. She's almost done reading Sir Gawain and the Dragon. She took several opportunities. Midterm is fast approaching & she's scared. She should be! This course is tougher than many college courses I took. The younger ones did another lesson on acts by the British towards the colonists. I had to remind them the British are our allies now. Children riot so easily. ;) They added to their timelines & did several projects for their lapbooks but we need to finish up a few more before we can go on to another lesson.

Patricia and Benjamin finished up reading their second module on scientific inquiry for science. I'm pleased with how diligent they've been to study. I'm also really glad we decided to let them do it together so they can help & encourage each other. No science for the other children. :( Can someone please remind me to buy a lily so we can do their experiment? I keep forgetting... even when I go to the store for that exact reason! Sigh.

Patricia completed Primer B for Latin this week! Yahoo! We begin Latin Alive! book 1 next week & mama's making an effort to learn it with her. The boys reviewed their Latin but not as much as I would have liked.

Several lessons of math (but not nearly enough) & daily drill with Calculadder. The boys are 1 or 2 lessons from going on to their next books!

For language arts, the three older children enjoyed getting back to IEW writing this week. (I'm alternating weeks of Writing with Ease/Skill with IEW.) They wrote a 3 paragraph essay on Florence Nightingale this week. It was the boy's first time writing an essay & they did wonderful! IEW ROCKS! Jonathan & Elizabeth completed one lesson each of PAL reading and writing, several days of spelling & read to me daily.

Eric met with Patricia & Benjamin for logic. They've completed the first section about what logic is & isn't. It's good to lay the foundations but they are eager to get into the fallacies.

Piano lessons were cancelled due to the weather but we continued to practice at home. Patricia & Benjamin especially worked hard because they have a concert & workshop this weekend/Monday with Japanese teachers. Stringed instruments have been neglected lately- we'll work on that next week!

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dawn said...

Good that you took the day off for snow since it's rare ... we worked hard saving our days for later!

Looks like a pretty productive week.