Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We had our first snowfall today! :) The children were elated to wake to a light dusting & enjoyed watching some big flakes fall during breakfast. Everyone ventured out for a bit, though only Patricia & Benjamin stayed out the longest. They both built snowmen (actually, Benjamin's was suppose to be a penguin). Thankfully, they did it on the deck & I didn't even have to step outside for long to snap some pictures. Yahoo!

If I had actually stepped outside, I wouldn't have chopped off Patricia's feet but it was COLD! :)

 I do not really see a penguin but at least he's thinking outside of the box:

More snow is predicted tomorrow, Unfortunately, Patricia & I are scheduled to fly to Texas. :( Praying & trusting the Lord to provide! Things will be quiet here for the rest of the week but I'll be snapping a TON of pictures to share when I return! (Pray for Eric- he's home alone with SEVEN children!!!)

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