Saturday, January 09, 2010

Weekly Report

This past week was our first "official" week back to lessons after taking a break from formal teaching during December. I knew that getting back into our full schedule would be a bit tough, so I planned for a lighter week. We did not do any formal lessons in History, Science or Art. I'm so glad that I did so- it was a long week with lots of training!

Jonathan: Basically a review week, though he did begin to memorize the letter B this week. He was very excited to make a page in his alphabet book for the letter F. I'll try to post pics of this soon- basically every page in the scrapbook is devoted to a certain letter or number. We paste on that letter/number & then I try use tactile objects that match the letter/number to decorate the page. For the letter F, we used flag stickers, fingerprints, a feather and pictures of flowers, fish and fire. He LOVED doing this!

Circle Time: We began 2 new things: three days a week we will use "Training Hearts, Teaching Minds" by Starr Meade with this catechism music. The younger ones are now memorizing the Shorter Catechism as they continue to finish up the Children's Catechism. The music has made this a breeze! :) Two days a week we will use "The Put on Chart" by Doorpost. "Compassion" was the theme for this week.

The children began to memorize "Trees" by Joyce Kilmer.

Everything else during Circle Time was review.

Latin: After much prayer and thought, we've decided to pause Latin and spend several weeks reviewing and even redoing certain lessons. I had gotten away from teaching them and even drilling them regularly. (How'd that happen!?!?!? Life got busy!) This has lead to them not being rock solid in their Latin. And it had also lead to mama not knowing her Latin as well as Patricia... which means I couldn't help her as easily. So, Patricia (and mama!) re-did lesson one & Benjamin spent the week doing drill with mama. He doesn't need to go back to the beginning of his book but there are several lessons that I am going to have him redo. Lord-willing, we should still finish up their books before next September!

Math: Over break, I was able to start to put together a math notebook for the children to use to help them review facts. For now, it contains skip counting pages and "problem of the day" pages and hope to add more pages over time. The children have enjoyed doing this in addition to flashcards & their assigned pages from their books.

Language Arts: Patricia and Benjamin both completed several pages of cursive, as well as copywork. Matthias did his first page in his copybook- he was so excited! :) All of the children enjoy re-reading their copybooks.

We also completed 2 days of grammar (Benjamin has moved into level 2 of grammar), a full week of writing (Benjamin moved into level 2) & several pages in their Explode the Code books. This was Matthias' first week of doing writing and he loved it! :)

Music: We met with Mrs. McKeown for piano lessons on Tuesday and practiced at home.

- Heather
(Again, you can go here to see some of the resources that we use.)


Our Westmoreland School said...

It sound like your gentle approach worked very well. We're going to take a review week for Latin next week. The holiday really messed us up. Drew did well on his review quiz, but them seemed to forget everything by Wednesday!

Drilling is the hardest part, though, isn't it? It's so unpleasant for all involved.

dawn said...

Looks like a great week!

cyn said...

Sounds like a really fun, productive week!

Jeanelle said...

Way to go Tullys! It is a huge blessing to be able to talk over education with you. You encourage us daily.