Friday, July 30, 2010

ABC's of My Computer

I saw this entry last night here & thought it would be fun to do it on our blog. You open your web browser & type a letter of the alphabet to see what pops up. Ready? Here we go:

A- - that would be Eric. (Archiver's was second- that would be me.)

B- - of course b/c I LOVE stalking my favorite blogs & I'm all about organization! It makes me happy. :)

C- nothing.

D- - again, Eric. He follows several political sites.


F- - another one for Eric + me- I enjoy listening to it while I fold laundry at night.

G- nothing.

H- - when one doesn't have tv stations, one uses the computer to veg. Sigh. I like to watch discovery & food shows.

I- nothing but does recipe Index count from here?

J- - children's favorite!

K- nodda.

L- - one of my friend's blogs. For some reason, bloglines is slow showing her new posts, so I usually check out her blog directly.

M- - my means to staying in touch & conducting business.

N- - we rejoined recently. More veg material. We really try not to do it too much... promise.

O- nothing. (kinda boring, huh?)

P- - I use her recipes a lot. Organizing our recipes is high on my "to-do" list.

Q- - that's only b/c I just finished ordering books for history. Otherwise, nothing would have shown up. Yawn.

R- - again, I've been ordering new material for lessons.

S- zilch. (Wow- would have never guessed that we visit so few places!)

T- - that's us! (Hm- does that imply anything?)

U- nothing. (Now, I'm getting bored.)

V- - our FAVORITE place to shop!

W- - ( was a close second b/c we have no tv to check the weather.)

X- zilch. (Were you truly expecting something?)

Y- - it is how I get to our mail.

Z- nope. (wondering at this point why I did this entry? you are too, I'm sure.)


Jess said...


Well, if you have a Netflix sub. you need to check out John Adams starring Paul Giamatti. My parents told us about it and we've watched the first part. Wow, it's gripping about John and Abigail Adams lives. It is a drama and well done. Some of it's sad but it sure makes me realize just how complex the revolutionary period of history was.

Anyways we are enjoying that series. Oh and if you haven't seen The Beautiful Truth and Food Matters those are also good ones. Also there is a Biblical series like Esther, Jacob, Abraham etc. that is really true to the Bible and good. Those are all on Instant Streaming. Oh and of course Andrew's all time favorite show "All Creatures Great And Small" on the life of James Harriot. It's not my favorite show but Andrew loves it because it has lots of farm and animals in it. :)

China Cry is another good one.

Let me know if you find some good ones!

Tully Family said...


My ALL-TIME FAVORITE series from childhood is "All Creatures Great and Small!" :) The book is much better but I loved watching it on tv as a kid. :)

We saw the John Adams- very good. You must read the bio by David G. McCullough. EXCELLENT! Abigail is one of my favorite ladies from history... her & Elisabeth Elliot.... hence the reasoning behind the names of two of our daughters. (Except Mrs Elliot spelled her name wrong. LOL)

Praying for you & your wee babe! (And the rest of your fam!)