Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yep, that pretty much sums up Benjamin!

We started a new family tradition. (I know that that statement is somewhat of an oxymoron.) The tradition is this: at the dinner table each night, we each share one thing we learned & either one thing we are thankful to God for or something that we enjoyed that day that we can praise God for. This a tangible way to encourage the children to always be thankful & always be learning- two things we stress in our home.

So, here is what Benjamin shared last night:

Mama: Benjamin, what are you thankful for? What did you enjoy today?

Benjamin: For talking... and for eating.

Yep, that pretty much sums up Benjamin! He wasn't trying to be funny- he sincerely meant it. The boy enjoys both those things immensely. :)
- Heather


dawn said...

Love it. That does sound Benjaminish!

Anonymous said...

Boys will be boys, how greatful we are that they are so plain on what they like.