Monday, July 01, 2013

Finished Projects!

I finished two knitting projects & I'm just about done with Baby's sweater. Yahoo! :) Here is the blanket I made for her using this pattern:

I used one of my favorite brands of yarn- Spud & Chloe and this time used their sweater version. The blanket is heavy. Maybe too much so for a baby but it will be a great toddler blanket. I just adore the color grey! (Is that spelled correctly or is it gray?) Anyway, that color is fast becoming Baby's theme color, though I'll use bedding from previous babies which is mostly pink/brown. We are planning newborn pictures with a professional photographer, which is very exciting! It's the first baby that we'll have professional pics done so early. I found this cute headband to match the blanket I knit at this etsy shop. The pink is a little loud for me but editing can help with that. Btw, I really want this headband & this adorable grey/gray tutu from the same place if anyone needs gift ideas!
The other project that I finished is a gift for a friend. I can't share many pics yet because I still need to gift it but here is a sneak peak:
Phew! It took a lot of pinning to shape it but it's done!!! :) Hoping to finish Baby's sweater, as well as make headway on a bonnet for a friend. It's been tricky. :( I'm even starting something for me. Happy crafting!

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Raymond Harris said...

Oh I love this blanket (can you love a blanket) Someone is going to happy to have this. Lvm