Monday, February 16, 2015

Educational Report: February 8, 2015

Another report on Monday instead of Friday. So sorry! I prefer Friday because it helps me to look back & see what we did so I can make adjustments to my yearly lesson plans. Note to any new home educators: ALWAYS put your lesson plans & schedules on the computer (& then write it out, if you're like me & enjoy paper) so you can easily make adjustments. I adjust my yearly plan every week. 99% minor stuff but adjustments nonetheless.

Covenant Classes: several classes were cancelled due to illness or scheduling conflicts. :( Benjamin & Matthias' Latin class reviewed for an upcoming unit test. Patricia's literature class continued to discuss Canterbury Tales. The students also viewed each other's Prezzi presentations (their second one of the year). You can view Patricia's here:

Memory Work: posted here.

Abigail: same things, though we did add another page of Phonics Pathways. After teaching the vowel sounds, this program goes on to teach the blends of each consonant letter with all 5 vowels. We're working on S, so she sounds out: sa, se, si, so, su. She loved it! :) Teaching the children to read is my FAV part of educating!

Art & Music: we had lessons with our piano teacher. Does this count as art? :) I'm really hoping to fold in more formal art after our break next week.

History: Patricia & Benjamin listened two lectures: one on Napoleon & the Louisiana Purchase and another one on the War of 1812. They continued to read & write in their journals, as well as work on memorizing the first bill of rights. For the younger set of children, we continued to read aloud George Washington's World. We learned about Benjamin Franklin, how the postal service's construction of paved roads lead to unity between the colonies and the African tribe of Ashanti. I also pulled out the Kingfisher Encyclopedia & had the children read up a bit on Henry the Navigator. They memorized a history sentence about Henry but needed a refresher of who he was. :) After doing their "research," they wrote a bit.

Language Arts: Patricia & Benjamin finished chapter 13 of Our Mother Tongue; Patricia continues to work on a few exercises of Sentence Composing for High Schoolers; copywork & spelling for everyone but Patricia; vocabulary lesson #4 for the older two; Explode the Code for Matthias, Jonathan & Elizabeth. The younger two moved into book 1.5, so they were thrilled. Oh, and Jonathan moved into level 2 for All About Spelling. He was beaming! (Lizzie's been in it for awhile- it seems to come natural to her.) We continued to read aloud My Side of the Mountain. Oh, and Patrcia's been reading aloud The Silver Chair whenever Eric and I are out together.  (Btw, the children enjoy the illustrations in the version I linked too.) Yahoo for older children! I think we should go out more so she can read aloud. ;)

We need to be writing more! They are writing daily for either copywork, history & science but I'd like to get back to IEW. It's just been a crazy few weeks. :)

Latin: Patricia completed chapter 27 about the fourth conjugation & perfect system. The boys finished chapter 20 on 3rd declension I-stem nouns & began review chapter 21.

Logic: no new chapters but Patricia & Benjamin met with Eric & discussed chapter 1. They will wait to go on to anything new until he can finish reviewing chapters 2-4.

Math: hmmm... we did it daily but I can't remember what we covered. I'm too lazy to get up.

Science: Patricia & Benjamin finished their module on the human digestive system. The younger set didn't do science this week.

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