Sunday, August 02, 2015

Project 365: July 2015

I missed 7 days this month so you'll find the extra photos from various days at the top of the calendar.  You'll notice most Sundays I missed shooting- this is THE hardest day of each week to pick up my camera. (This should encourage all of you that taking on a Project 365 doesn't have to be perfect- just keep going!) I took selfies this month with Katherine- yahoo! No group shot of the children but I got at least one photo of each of them this month. I'm looking forward to capturing pictures of our new little man this month! Be prepared for major baby image overload! :)

You can follow my Project 365 by visiting the tab above (+ you can see my settings, as I shoot in manual.) If you click the button at the top of my Project 365 page, you can visit some other people's projects. I'd LOVE to see what you're shooting- please share! My other calendar spreads from this year's project can be found here: January, February, March, April, May & June.

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