Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Current Read-Aloud

We are currently half way through "Little House in the Big Woods" by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I realize as I write this, that it hasn't been since February that we have read a "big" book together! (Lots of reading going on but no major read-aloud. Very sad!) GASP! I guess life did get busy with Eric losing his job. ;)

Anyway, we are all enjoying reading this together! Even the older children who have already read it (at least once) enjoy cuddling on or around the couch. This time together is so sweet!
- Heather

Oh, and if you read any of Laura Ingalls' books, make sure to get the ones with Garth Williams' illustrations!


Jess said...

Oh I love that series! : ) The illistrations were my favorite part as a girl also. Can't wait to read it aloud to Michaela.

Jeanelle said...

These are some of our most read books. They are read over and over again. Farmer Boy is a favorite. We too love these reading times. The children will always remember these times, the time we spent reading to them. I thank God for enabling us to be home with our children so that we can read to them everyday and much more.

Tully Family said...

Start reading to Michaela NOW! Read books on tape for her nap time. Read board books! All good foundations to reading aloud "big" books latter! :)